Mission Statement:  Establish justice; insure tranquility; promote general welfare; safeguard interest; and secure blessings of freedom and liberty for the Quechan Indian Tribe and for its posterity. Together We Progress!

Tribal Bar Membership

                                                                    BECOMING A MEMBER

Below is information regarding becoming a member of the Quechan Tribal Court Bar.



  1. Conduct research for the client.
  2. Educate clients of existing laws.
  3. Exhibit good communication skills with client and court.
  4. Be knowledgeable of the Quechan Law & Order Code
  5. Be familiar with Native Traditions.
  6. Represent the Client.


You will need to complete an application; pay the Tribal Court Bar Admission fee of $25.00 by money order to the Quechan Tribal Court; and pay a Business License Fee and obtain a Special Use Permit from the EDA Office (refer to page 3 of the application for more information).  We will require a copy of that special use permit.


Becoming an Advocate is very important to the community. The Tribal Court will assist you with any information and training workshops that are available for advocates.


We look forward to your possible admission to the court.


Advocate Information:        Application for Admission

                                             EDA Permit to Do Business Application

                                             EDA Waiver of Liability


Quechan Tribal Court Bar Roster


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