Mission Statement:  Establish justice; insure tranquility; promote general welfare; safeguard interest; and secure blessings of freedom and liberty for the Quechan Indian Tribe and for its posterity. Together We Progress!

Quechan Law and Order Code


The Quechan Law and Order Code, the Constitution and By-Laws and any other Act and Ordinance listed on this website are not the official versions.  While reasonable efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the data provided, reference should be made to the official records.

Quechan Tribal Constitution and By-Laws

                                                                    Ordinance QT 02-9


Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 

Public Law 83-280 

Quechan Law and Order Code

Tribal Sovereignty and State Authority

Tribal Court Organizational Chart

Tribal Council Document

Reso 62-10 Tribal Tax Code 031610

Tobacco Products Tax Act QT-1-11 Signed

Tobacco Products Tax Act QT-01-09 Reso87-09



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